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MIMS Baby Weighing Scale 11kg
MIMS Hammock for
Baby Weighing Scale
MIMS Face Mask Tie on

3 ply
Color: Green & Blue

MIMS Face Mask Ear Loop 3 ply
Color: Green & Blue
MIMS Surgeon's Brush  
Nurse Watch

MIMS Standard Wheel Chair
Powder Coating Steel Frame Double Cross Bar Fixed
Inclined Armrest & Footrest
Solid Castor & Rear Wheel
MIMS Electrode Gel(ECG GEL) 250g
MIMS Eye Chart Alphabet
& Numbers Cardboard
Available in
Plastic and Cardboard
MIMS Infra-Red Ear Thermometer *10memories *Shut-off Automatically after 1min of inactivity.
*Long Life performance with common2x AAAbatteries
*Soft operation keys donot distrub a sleeping baby.